Final Remarks and Thanks

We had so much fun documenting the Dikes of Courage conference in Lisbon! After countless hours of viewing and sorting photos, editing video footage, going through pages and pages of notes, and finally writing and publishing all of the recaps and interviews, this is now our last post on this blog!

We would like to thank you, our readers, for following us on this journey to our very first academic conference. Thank you to the conference organizers, especially Teresa Botelho, for putting together a wonderful weekend and for your kind hospitality. Thanks to all of the presenters at the conference for inspiring us to think and read about new topics, and for treating us youngsters as equals in the academic world. Special thanks goes to our advisors Bärbel Harju, Anita Vržina and Constanze Sabathil for offering the “Art of Protest” course at LMU, as well as accompanying and supporting us all the way from Munich to Lisbon and back. And finally, a round of applause for our fellow students who presented at the conference: You put so much work and effort into your presentations and we really admire the guts that it took to present in front of an international audience of scholars.

Preparing and attending the Dikes of Courage conference at Nova University in Lisbon taught us so many things – not only about how conferences work, but also about ourselves as individuals – and we hope that the fun memories we made there will last for a long time. We are now ready to go out into the academic world and attend future conferences on our own, and hopefully return with just as enriching experiences as we did now.

Steffi & Annika


P.S. The third member of the documentation team, Megan Bosence, wrote an awesome report about the conference and our panel. Check it out here: Lisbon-Conference-Report

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